SARIBEKIR AMBALAJ was established in 2004 to operate in the Metal Packaging sector. The factory of Sarıbekir Ambalaj, which produces two and three-piece tin cans, easy open ends, twist off caps and aerosol cans, is located in Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone and its head office is in Istanbul.

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SARIBEKIR AMBALAJ produces two-piece and three-piece tin cans, easy open ends, twist off caps and aerosol cans.

SARIBEKIR AMBALAJ can produce printed and lacquered easy open ends in various sizes. Easy ...

The technical specifications of the twist-off caps are determined according to the structure of ...

SARIBEKIR AMBALAJ can produce three-piece cans in various diameters and lengths by using Super ...

SARIBEKIR AMBALAJ started the production of three-piece tin aerosol cans ​with the latest technology ...

SARIBEKIR AMBALAJ can produce two-piece cans with multi-operation spinning technology. Cans can be printed ...


Food industry, especially canned food manufacturers, comes first among those who prefer metal (steel) can and end packaging.

While canning preserves the essence of foodstuffs, metal packaging ensures that the food preservation function is carried out correctly and effectively. Metal tin cans and metal twist off caps have many advantages from fast production process to easy shipping.

Canned foods stored in Metal Packaging do not need any additives. It does not lose its nutritional values, it preserves the taste of the first day.

Metal Packaging has low weight and high durability. It is resistant to physical impacts. Therefore, it provides easy storage and low-cost transportation.

The prints that can be applied on the metal packaging increase the attractiveness of the product in the packaging and provide support to the manufacturer in marketing.

Since Metal Packaging can be produced in different sizes and shapes, it ensures the packaging of the product in the desired weight.

Metal Packaging is the right packaging for sterile food products as it can be heat treated and hermetically sealed.

There are many advantages of steel aerosol cans;

Steel aerosol cans form a strong barrier to light, air and water.

There is ease of use for consumers. It has the advantages of useful, practical, hygienic and controllable spraying.

It is suitable for pressure filling.

Steel aerosol cans have the advantages of use in many different sectors. Construction, automotive, health, food, cleaning and cosmetics are the main usage sectors. It provides advantages for companies that want to enter new markets.

Due to the superiority of steel packaging printing technology, it is highly preferred in the perfume and cosmetics sector.

It is sufficiently robust and durable against insects and rodents in storage and sales points.

Since steel aerosol cans have a wide range of size production, they provide the advantage of filling in the desired volume and pressure properties.

Steel is strong, robust and durable; making it the ideal packaging material for automotive, household, paint, coatings and chemical products.

It offers reliable solutions in accordance with safety regulations (UN and RID/ADR) for the transport of dangerous goods.

Aerosol steel cans are sealed. They protect the contents from contamination and evaporation and keep the contents under pressure.

Aerosol steel cans are easy to decompose, recycle and are 100% environmentally friendly.